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Cutting & Styling ...

Wash & Style  

Special Occasion Style

Woman's Haircut 

Men's Haircut         

Child's Haircut 

Deep Condition Treatment   

Deep Condition Add-On 

Brazilian Blowout                 

$50 & up

$100 & up

$60 & up

$40 & up

$35 & up



$200 & up

Color Services ...

All Over Color

New Growth Touch-Up

Full Highlights

Partial Highlights

Balayage / Ombre

Color Correction

*Pricing varies based on length, thickness, and desired look.

$140 & up

$110 & up

$185 & up

$125 & up

Inquire Within

Inquire Within

Meet The Owners

meet the owners.

The idea of Hello Gorgeous was created once Caley and Roseanne both decided they wanted to take their business to the next level. They met in 2007 while in beauty school, at Paris Beauty College in Concord, Ca. They instantly hit it off after meeting one evening at school. By chance both girls ended up with a job at Hair At The Ritz (totally unplanned) once graduating. They have maintained a great friendship and have grown together to be successful stylists. Caley has been a stylist since 2008 and Roseanne has been a stylist since 2009. Both of them have always had the dream of eventually being salon owners and creating a space of their own! They have kept their eyes and options open knowing that what was meant to be would eventually be. June 2018 that moment finally came, they stumbled upon the perfect place to fulfill their dream!

Amaris Esthetics

Amaris esthetics.


My name is Marissa, I have been an esthetician for almost 10 years now and it was my dream at 12 years old to become one. Like most everyone in their teens I suffered bad acne and I was fortunate enough for my mom to take me to an esthetician who worked under a dermatologist. I would receive a small series of facials with chemical peels and it truly helped me in more ways than one. The esthetician I had was so amazing and really educated me on the whole process, I couldn’t believe she had such a fun job, I mean she got to do extractions for a living! From then on I knew that I wanted to be an esthetician, I even wrote a paper about it in middle school for an English assignment!

   I enrolled for beauty school the summer after junior year and went full time until I graduated in four months while eventually going back to school for my senior year. I passed my license test in November 2012, from there I have worked at a variety of different salons collecting more education and experience as well as extra classes.

   “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This holds so true to me, I absolutely love what I do from facials to hair removal to extractions - this job brings me so much joy and gratitude. Getting to take care of people's skin while talking all day about products, new shows, adventures and life is so much fun. I always strive to create a safe and loving environment for each and every person that comes in, as you lay your skin bare for me! 

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Co-Owner & Stylist

Roseanne Noyce 


Co-Owner & Stylist

Caley Scott 

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Sica Lugo

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Tel: 925.446.4199

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101 Gregory Lane, Suite 29.

Pleasant Hill, Ca. 94523

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